Monday, 19 May 2008

Vijay Anand Guide (1965) At Cannes

Nearly 43 years after its making, Vijay Anand's timeless classic 'Guide' breathes again before the international audience today at the Cannes Festival. Based on R.K. Narayan's novel of the same name, Guide also remains a seminal film for Dev Anand both as a producer and protagonist.

The 1965 film, Guide was far ahead of its time the way it was scripted and shot by Vijay Anand who directed as well as edited the film. Shailendra's lyrics set to the tunes by S.D. Burman are some of the best produced by popular Indian Cinema. Wahan kaun hai tera, Katon se kheench ke ye aanchal and din dhal jaye are part of the Indian psyche.

Guide also remains the best film of Waheeda Rahman. who played Rosie with dignity and depth. As Raju Guide, Dev Anand's performance defied his popular image of a mere matinee idol.

1. Would you rate Guide as the best film of the 1960s and one of the best of Indian Cinema and why?

2. Do you agree Vijay Anand gave a new idiom to popular Indian cinema by films like Guide, Jewel Thief and Johny Mera Naam ? Do you think Indian critics, the film industry and the Government did not give Vijay Anand his due?

3. Can you name 3 best films of 1960s and where does the Guide stand in your selection?

Don't forget to tell me some thing about you and your profession.

Love to hear from all of you.